Exciting times at QVD with the release of version 3.1 of our ground breaking VDI software. And today we are pleased to announce the availability of a QVD 3.1 demonstration VirtualBox appliance that you can download and try out with a minimum of fuss. This is the first in a two part series […]

QVD Appliance (Part One)

Server virtualisation has been a huge success for reasons that are mostly self evident: readily quantifiable savings on hardware costs and reductions in energy costs have seen widespread adoption over the last few years. By contrast, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) adoption has been slower as enterprises have found it harder […]

Savings of VDI Deployment: A Review

In a busy week that also saw an alpha milestone for the QVD Client for OS X, we have just uploaded the QVD Client for Android version 1.0 to Google Play. The updated client now includes an embedded X server, support for PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro (together with the free android-vnc-viewer), improved security, and […]

QVD Client for Android 1.0 Release

Perhaps the most interesting side project to come out of the QVD is the Qindel sponsored Xvnc Pro. With the goal of making our client software available to as many devices as possible, we set about looking at the state of X for Android. What we found was that, in […]

Xvnc Pro X/X11 Server