Open Source Community

We invite you to join the QVD community and share your bug-fixes, improvements and suggestions with the rest of the users and our technical team, so they can be incorporated into future product releases.

How to contribute to the QVD project?

GitHub QVD Repository

Use, write and impove the QVD source code

GitHub QVD Community support

Submit a bug report or a feature request

 Types of contributions


If you know about Linux, Perl, Catalyst or PostgreSQL, you are already able to contribute. Have a look at our source code and if you think you can improve it contact us, we will provide you information about our contributor’s agreement.


If you have experience in formal test procedures or are interested in issues related to dedicated testing, you could help us out. You will take part in the testing process and have access to new features before they are released. Contact us to inform you about our contributor’s agreement.


If you’re into packaging, you might be able to help us to package QVD to your preferred distribution. You will contribute by making sure that all dependencies are met, that the software is installed into the correct places and functions properly for a particular distribution. Contact us to get information about our contributor’s agreement.


Documentation is essential! Although we have a technical author working full time to keep documents up-to-date, often things get missed or screenshots become out of date. On that topic, your contribution can be very useful.
We document everything using Asciidoc so all you need is a simple text editor and some screenshot capturing software. If you are interested, contact us and we will provide you information about our contributor agreement.


Our objective is to continue contributing to the Open Source Community, thus as soon as you start as a contributor you will appear in the software credits as well as in the communications of the new product releases.