About partner

The QVD Partner Program introduces your company to the marketing of our remote desktop solution: QVD. Backed with specialised support and an expansion strategy design with international positioning. Through the program you will benefit at the level of:

  • Incorporate a new line of business for your company
  • New functional portfolio
  • Increased EBITDA and ROI
  • Time to market oriented in order to achieve objectives
  • Attainment of new expertise in Linux-Windows-Cloud technologies
  • High level consulting
  • Assistance with implementing and initiating the product
  • Technical training according to product developments
  • Product presentations to the end client
  • Annual product roadmap
  • Blended marketing in order to position the brands according to the program

Advantages of being our Partner

Online Marketing
  • Encourage relationships at international level
  • Presence at major international events in the sector
  • Merchandising
  • Joint presentations and demos of products
  • Localised sales support with customised service
  • Product sales training
  • Specialised sales force
  • General technical support
  • Support with project implementation
  • Sales support
  • Client service support
Technical Training
  • Introduction to QVD
  • QVD General administration
  • QVD Node administrator
  • QVD Virtual desk administration
Training for Sales and Marketing
  • QVD Sales training
  • QVD Sales training - Demonstration
  • QVD Sales training - Basic terms

"Our primary objective is to generate a shared benefit with our Partner that translates into a direct increase in the profitability of the QVD Desktop Virtualization solution".