Becoming a partner of the QVD brings several tangible benefits to your business. We offer a unique open source VDI platform, with all the reliability you’d expect from an enterprise solution, and we make it our aim to share the burden of implementation with you by providing ongoing product maintenance, […]

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We are delighted to announce the arrival of nightly builds of QVD for both Ubuntu and SLES / openSuSE, direct from svn trunk. This gives you the opportunity to check out the latest incarnation of the software, compiled for you by our team of expert packagers. Of course, this being […]

QVD Nightly Builds Now Available

This week, the developers at Qindel released the first version of the QVD Client for Android, making it possible for users to access their QVD virtual desktops directly from any Android-based device. By taking advantage of this new support for the QVD client in conjunction with the QVD VDI, road […]

QVD Client For Android

QVD was recently featured on OpenEnchilada, a Mexican podcast dedicated to discussing new trends in technology. Nito Martinez, the QVD project lead, was interviewed on a variety of topics including the the forthcoming release of QVD 3.1 and some of the new technical features that users can look forward to. […]

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Packages have finally been released to allow users to install the QVD on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SP1 x86_64). We’ve provided new instructions to configure your repositories and to install QVD for SLES 11 environments on our Download page. We’re currently in the process of updating our technical documentation, […]

Packages for SuSE Linux (SLES 11)

On May the 19th, Nito Martinez, the CTO of Qindel, gave an interesting QVD presentation at the “I Panel de Emprendedores Españoles”. This is the slideshow that was used for the event.

QVD Presentation.

We have created a public accessible Trac for QVD to ease the access to Source code: You can access the source code via Browse Source. We have published trunk and the different releases View and report bugs: You have access to the public created tickets and report new bugs if […]

Public Trac for QVD

The next version of QVD, we’re working on, will support Linux Containers, the lightweight virtualization technology accepted and officially supported in the mainstream Linux kernel >= 2.6.29. With LXC, as in BSD Jails and Solaris zones, processes run on top of the same kernel as the host machine, without any […]

Linux Containers in QVD