QVD 3.4 Released

QVD is delighted to announce the release of version 3.4 of our flagship VDI which provides several important new features along with stability enhancements and bug fixes. QVD 3.4 provides an improved user experience as well as enhancements to the backend that will make administration even easier.

  • Shared Folders
    QVD users can now effortlessly share folders between their desktops and their QVD session. Enabled by default, users will be able to see their home folders within QVD, as well as any locally attached drives.
  • Expiration of images
    QVD 3.4 provides a mechanism for upgrading images by setting time limits on a disk image. Soft limits can be used to notify a user of an available upgrade and to request the user to reboot as soon as is convenient. Hard limits can be used to forcibly reboot an desktop (and thus upgrade to the next available version).
  • Mac OS Client
    The QVD client for all platforms has been rewritten from the ground up and is more stable and offers basic settings changes to the user. In addition to the Windows and Linux clients, we now offer an OS X client (unsupported) enabling your users to connect to your QVD farm from Mac desktops.
  • QVD Spy
    QVD Spy allows your administrators to directly access your users’ desktops, making desktop support that much easier.
  • Application Server
    QVD 3.4 comes with a technical preview of our forthcoming application server. This will allow administrators to deploy stand-alone desktops directly to the user without the attendant Linux desktop. Please note that this feature is still under heavy development and may change over the coming weeks. It is also, as yet, undocumented.

Other functionalities and improvements that offered by QVD 3.4 include:

  • Resetting the desktop session from the client.
  • Improvements in the client interface.
  • Improvements in certificate management.
  • Integration with improved Linux cgroups management.
  • Improved integration with LDAP.
  • Refactored backend.

The QVD Appliance has been rebuilt by the development team to demonstrate the new features. All you need to do is download the OVA archive and import it into VirtualBox to try out QVD 3.4 today.

To view the full list of changes and for QVD 3.4, please refer to the Release Notes, which provide a list of the new features and changes, along with instructions to install or upgrade QVD 3.4 for your environment. Note that 3.4 also heralds the arrival of the new home for the QVD documentation which now resides at http://docs.theqvd.com. The docs are now available in additional formats and includes a table of contents for the HTML version which hopefully makes them easier to digest.

As always, the source code is available to download from our GitHub mirror. We welcome your thoughts, so please get in touch with your thoughts, questions and comments.



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