New QVD Client Binaries

We’ve been quietly rewriting the QVD clients for all platforms, refactoring old code and implementing some of our new ideas and today we provide the first access to the reworked clients. With the exception of the Windows and OS X clients, these are statically linked binaries which means they can be run without any dependencies, just download and execute the files.

The binaries have a few mandatory options which can be obtained by using the -? switch, for example

$ ./qvdclient -?

You may wish to set environment variables for debugging purposes and to prevent your credentials being visible. The following are available:

QVDHOST : Specifies the host to connect to, if not specified with -h
QVDLOGIN : Specifies the username, if not specified with -u
QVDPASSWORD : Specifies the password, if not specified with -w
QVD_DEBUG : Enables debugging, can also be enabled with -d
QVD_DEBUG_FILE : Enables the file were debugging should go to

Currently the following binaries are available to download:

  • Linux
    These should run under any recent distribution without additional libraries, simply set the executable bit and run.

  • Free BSD
    As above, simply set the executable bit and run.

  • Mac
    OS X and IOS clients.

  • Windows
    The Windows binary requires a base cygwin install. You will need to set the DISPLAY environment variable as follows:
    $ export DISPLAY=localhost:0
    Then execute the binary from within the cygwin shell. Alternatively create a shell script (ending .sh) setting the DISPLAY variable and invoking the client, then configure Windows to open such files with C:/cygwin/bin/sh.exe

  • Android
    As with the IOS clients, this will require a working X server. Again, it is probably best to use the available client in the Android store for now.

  • Raspberry Pi
    A working Raspberry Pi binary that will run under X.

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