QVD Enterprise Edition

QVD Enterprise Edition offers all of the benefits of QVD Community Edition, but with the dedicated support of the QVD Support Team, and access to features and services that will help you to better integrate with existing infrastructure.

What you get

If you’re paying good money for QVD, you will want to know what you’re getting. Before we get into the details, consider that by choosing QVD to virtualize your desktop environment you will already be making significant savings in terms of hardware, maintenance and security auditing. Your contribution towards paying licensing for your users will provide you with commercial grade support and the security of knowing that this product will continue to be under active development in the future. Furthermore, you will be helping to fund an open-source initiative that will benefit not only yourself, but other users of the software as well.

QVD Priority Support Contract

While QVD accepts bug submissions and feature requests from users of the Community Edition, our paying customers must always come first. By opting to use QVD Enterprise Edition, your requirements and problems automatically jump to the front of the queue. Our developers and technical support engineers will always handle any issues that you are experiencing with top priority.

In fact, QVD offers a Next-Business-Day support model, so that you can be assured that within 24-hours of contacting the support team, you will have one or more engineers dedicated to working on your request.

Furthermore, as a QVD Enterprise Edition customer, you will have access to our internal Knowledge-base, which includes a variety of integration scripts and help resolving a wide variety of frequently encountered technical problems.

QVD ThinClient

Although QVD provides its GUI Client software as part of the Community Edition, serious users of any VDI software often want their user-base to experience a more seamless relationship with their virtual desktops. This means hiding the underlying client operating system from the user, so that the user cannot take advantage of it to install and run unauthorized applications, or simply avoid using the virtual desktop entirely.

QVD provides a ThinClient operating system for QVD Enterprise Edition customers. The QVD ThinClient operating system is a cut-down version of Linux that presents the end-user with the QVD Client Login as soon as the ThinClient has booted. As a result, the user can only login to his or her virtual desktop, and is unaware of the underlying operating system.

This provides you with an image that can quickly and easily be installed onto your workstation hardware so that workstation substitution is simple and efficient. It also helps to reduce the number of support calls that your IT department is likely to receive, and reduces the amount of troubleshooting that will need to be performed.

QVD Professional Services

Serious enterprise users often need help migrating large user-bases onto a virtualized platform. There are frequently integration challenges, and ensuring that users are provided with the software that is needed is a complex exercise. Furthermore, fully understanding the QVD architecture and its capabilities requires valuable research time and dedicated staff. If you’re deploying QVD in a commercial environment, you can’t afford for things to go desperately wrong.

QVD Enterprise Edition users can take advantage of our Professional Services team, who can assist you with anything from planning your solution to hard and dirty migration. Why waste time and resource trying to adopt a new technology when you can have the ultimate experts on the product help you?

Pre-configured Base System Disk Images

If you’ve selected QVD as your choice VDI, you still need to build your System Disk Images (DIs) that will get served up to your users. This can be a challenging prospect, especially if you’ve selected a distribution that isn’t supported out of the box. Furthermore, simply ensuring that the image is properly configured for your requirements and behaves in the way that your users expect, may not be in your immediate field of expertise.

QVD Enterprise Edition customers can get help from the QVD Support Team in building and configuring Disk Images that work properly. Simply submit your requirements, and we will build the image for you and make it available for you to download when it is complete.

QVD Remote Support Management

If your IT department is staffed a little thinly, you may want to take advantage of our remote support management option. By configuring VPN or SSH access to your environment, QVD Support staff can give you hands-on support for your VDI. This reduces troubleshooting time, and saves you from tennis-match style email. You tell us the problem, and we fix it for you.


QVD pricing is structured around a per-user licensing model. While we charge a little more for the first year, since we expect this to be the period during which you will need your support the most, support fees per user for subsequent years is greatly reduced, offering you the assurance that ongoing support costs are not going to be prohibitively expensive.

User baseFirst year (per user)Subsequent annual user fee (-50%)
76,00 €
38,00 €
72,00 €
36,00 €
66,00 €
33,00 €
61,00 €
30,50 €
More than 1000
55,00 €
27,50 €