About pricing

 QVD is an Open Source VDI solution so you don´t have to pay software licencing costs. Its model is based on providing a dedicated tailor-made support service and giving packaged updates and added value patches.

Professional service
Priority support
Packaged updates
Preferential bug fixes
Updates of security and patches

QVD editions

QVD Developer

QVD Developer is a free edition aimed at those with a developer profile, self-employed or employed, who have the knowledge and the necessary time to deploy QVD and update it on their own.

QVD Self-Support

Aimed at small companies, developers, integrators…, that have the technical knowledge needed to deploy QVD on their own, but need to have access to packaged updates.


QVD Enterprise

Aimed at medium and large sized enterprises which because of their type of business, applications and/or infrastructure criticality need to have full support, require help on the installation and maintenance of the VDI infrastructure.

Comparison chart

QVD Developer
QVD Self-Support
Flat rate / Annual / Unlimited users
QVD Enterprise
Tailor-made plan
Access to the QVD source code⬅️All the included on the Developer edition⬅️All the included on the Self Support edition
+Support through the GitHub community+Functionalities: software packages with added value (UP, multimedia browser, etc.)+SLA of tickets response time, according to customer need (5x8, 24x7, Next Business Day...)

+Patches and security updates+Access to reports and preferential bugs fixes (product patches)
+Access to private repositories+Installation support
+Best practices (recommendation on the implementation, hardware, storage...)