Which Partnership?

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The QVD Team recognizes that partners may have different operating parameters and different resources available. For this reason, we have designed two different partnership deals. These are outlined below.

Partnership Types

The QVD offers two different partnership agreements with prospective resellers and systems integrators.

  1. Commercial Resellers (CRs): have a minimal responsibility to an end-client but are able to take advantage of discounted licensing and official QVD sales training. Through this agreement, your only responsibility will be to sell licenses but you will be able to take advantage of the official support and professional services that can be provided by the QVD team.
  2. Commercial Integrators and Resellers (CRIs): take on more responsibility for an end-client, including providing installation support and professional services engagement, along with first-tier support after a deployment goes live. Under this agreement, you will get better licensing discounts and will also get discounted support and training from the QVD team. Naturally, this agreement provides better returns, but also adds to your responsibility with regard to your customers.

During the process of becoming a certified QVD Partner, you will need to decide which agreement you would like to be certified under. You will also need to complete the required training in order to become a recognized partner, so that we can ensure that the service you offer your customers is of the highest quality possible.

Partnership Differences

Commercial ResellerCommercial Integrator and Reseller
Selected to Resell Licences

Completed Commercial Training

Completed Technical Training

Qualified Installation and Professional Services
Handled by The QVD

Provides Dedicated Frontline Support Personnel
Handled by The QVD

Provides Dedicated Support Testing Laboratory
Handled by The QVD

Configuration Problems Resolved by Support
Handled by The QVD

Software Bugs and Backline Support
Handled by The QVD
Handled by The QVD
Direct access to QVD Development Team

Access to statistical reports from QVD Support

Access to discounted Licences
Average discounting
Major discounting

Note that once you have submitted a partnership request, you will be provided with details on the different benefits that are available under our different partnership agreements. The chart above provides a simple guideline for the most obvious requirements and responsibilities that you will have to meet in order to qualify for partnership. More details are provided in the Partner Pack that will be shared with you once you have submitted your application.