Current Partners

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Partners that have already signed up with Qindel to sell and support the QVD are able to help you purchase licensing and can assist you with the deployment and support of your QVD VDI.

Commercial Integrators and Resellers (CRIs)

We’re proud to announce that the following organizations are registered and qualified to sell and support the QVD. These organizations have undergone the appropriate training to help you deploy and integrate your QVD VDI within your existing infrastructure.

CIIA y Asociados. S.A de C.V.

CIIA was founded in 2005 in Mexico City with the objective of providing technology oriented services. As a company, CIIA, has a strong focus on networking and communications, development and systems programming, as well as the management and integration of UNIX and Linux systems. CIIA has over 100 employees providing services to CIIA’s many existing clients.

CIIA can help companies in Mexico and surrounding areas to obtain QVD licensing and to deploy and support QVD.

For more information, contact CIIA.

Catalogo Tecnológico

Catalogo Tecnológico is a 100% Colombian company that has been providing system services to customers in Colombia since 2002, offering both sales of hardware and software, and computer consultancy services.

Catalogo Tecnológico can assist companies in Colombia and surrounding areas to obtains QVD licensing and to deploy and support QVD.

For more information, contact Catalogo Tecnológico