Who use QVD?

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BBVA Bancomer - Linux remote desktop

escritorio_linux  bbvaBBVA-Bancomer needed to provide their employees with a work desktop at all their offices in Mexico.

Qindel Group proposed open source remote desktops as a solution, with support for Microsoft and Linux clients. The solution is a part of Qindel’s QVD and brings considerable costs reducing in software licenses because it’s based on open technology. The most important advantages are:

  • Reduced costs of administration and management
  • Simplicity in desktop updates
  • Extended hardware useful life
  • Better user experience
  • Benefits geographic distribution
  • Reduced electric costs (thin clients)
  • Optimized bandwidth
  • Easy backup centralization via NFS

VSOA Politie – SLFP Police – Escritorio virtual

escritorio_linux  bbva


VSOA Politie – SLFP Police is a Non-Profit organisation for Belgian Police Officers. Working with around 500 volunteers, they represent about 18000 officers in Belgium when they have legal affairs or work related issues.

The client wanted an enviroment for the workers where they can access to an internal website, manage documents and develop other tasks.

Qindel proposed them an internal VDI solution based on QVD where they can click on a desktop shortcut which directs them to their internal website.

The VDI desktop has pre-installed Libreoffice suite and other useful applications such as Xpdf or Firefox, having the possibility of customize the desktop shortcuts for each volunteer, depending on their profiles.

Other customize developments were made adapting the solution to specific requirements of their current system. This is the case of a custom authentication plugin.

Technologies: LXC, Ubuntu, Libreoffice, Firefox, Xpdf, etc.

Fundación BBVA - Virtual desktop

caja_nuestragenteThe client wanted the availability of different fundamental applications: financial terminal, risk and client procedures. Also they needed to cover pin-pad identification, communications with other nets, the use of ticketing devices, network printers and other elements. The client had specific needs because of satellite links and the communication between the offices and the database in Spain.

Qindel proposed a model that covers all their needs based on QVD. With this architecture they managed to cover all the client’s requirements, with QVD’s benefits: reducing general cost and optimizing bandwidth.

Technologies: Perl, Ubuntu, LDAP, KVM, NX, etc.